Pioneers in fluid pulsation, noise, and surge control.
As the pioneer of surge control methods of pressure transient, PULSCO has developed a substantial history of proven performance since first installed in 1922. Our experience and expertise has expanded into the design of complete systems that solve an array of fluid transmission and delivery challenges. PULSCO works with its customers to determine the best system to meet their needs, evaluating the most dependable, safest and cost efficient methods for surge suppression, pressure control, and much more.

Providing over 60 years of power generation

Using proven technology, MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets and gas-powered cogeneration systems feature low lifecycle costs and peace of mind. That’s why MTU Onsite Energy systems are trusted all over the world, providing reliable heat and power efficiently.

The above examples illustrates the pressure variations before and after in the same pipeline after a pump shut down with the protection of a PULSCO surge tank.
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