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When Power Reliablity Matters
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As economic development, population and infrastructure grows, so does the demand for energy. Now more than ever, a cost-effective and reliable energy supply is essential. From mission-critical to everyday backup and standby power to continuous power and heat and cooling supply, MTU Onsite Energy provides complete, dependable diesel and gas power generation solutions wherever—and whenever—reliability is needed. With thousands of installations worldwide, MTU Onsite Energy is trusted to provide complete power solutions to a variety of applications, such as healthcare, hotels, data centers, manufacturing and independent power plants.

Providing over 60 years of power generation

Using proven technology, MTU Onsite Energy diesel generator sets and gas-powered cogeneration systems feature low lifecycle costs and peace of mind. That’s why MTU Onsite Energy systems are trusted all over the world, providing reliable heat and power efficiently.

MTU Onsite Energy standby power systems installed at wastewater pumping stations operate at 1,800 rpm, or twice the speed of the units they replaced. The new generators also feature state-of-theart electronics and will start and accept load within 10 seconds.
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