Mission Communications

Alarm and telemetry equipment and service for water and waste water utilities
Mission Communications
Instead of paying for a custom designed system, MISSION offers the most important SCADA hardware and software features prepackaged into a turnkey setup. There is no programming – the whole system can be up and running within a few hours, and probably costs less than you thought possible. MISSION manages and continually upgrades the whole system, and our “Price Stability Guarantee” gives you a predictable cost of ownership.

Standardized RTU’s cost less to buy, install, and operate.

Our RTUs make continuous, real time connections and require no programming or custom installation hardware. They are simple enough to install yourself. Electronic keys track site visits. Digital and analog expansion boards are available. Training and installation costs are minimized. Alarms go to cell phones, fax machines, any pager, email, and/or to your HMI. Our separate diagnostic alert system catches problems and notifies you before they become alarms.

1.Complete Stand Alone SCADA System; 2:Dialer Replacement; 3:Backup to existing problem or critical SCADA sites; 4:Fill-in to existing SCADA for hard to reach sites; 5: Hybrid or blended systems; 6:In-sewer monitoring and alarming
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