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Save 50% Over Submersibles
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Life is too short to be submerged in higher pump station maintenance costs and confined space burdens. When you factor installation, the superior wire-to-water efficiencies and longevity of the S&L Non-Clog Pump, and the significant maintenance savings from the safest lift station access, you will choose the life-changing Wet Well Mounted Pump Station approach from Smith & Loveless. EVERLAST™ Pump Stations combine convenient standard packages with advanced S&L pumping technology options to simplify system selection and provide the right service for every user.

How to Save 50% vs. Submersibles

One municipality keeps detailed records on all repair and maintenance work orders and costs for its 53 pump stations, some submersible and some S&L Wet Well Mounted. A 12-year study of the data revealed nearly 56 percent lower operating expenses for the S&L stations compared to submersibles—a differential of nearly 30 labor hours and $2,750 per station per year!
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Submersible pumps often clog or need frequent repairs by service centers, and come with confined space hazards. The EVERLAST™ Pump Station by S&L has all pumps, valvles and controls above grade, making maintenance safer and less costly.

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