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For over 30 years Aquionics has been UV water treatment leader. Decades of continuous development has put Aquionics and the Halma UV Group at the forefront of UV science and technology. Aquionics, part of the HALMA Fluid Technology Group is a key marketing, engineering and manufacturing company providing access to the North American market. Aquionics is part of a three company group that focuses on ultraviolet disinfection in the Halma stable.

Municipal Markets Overview

Ultraviolet Disinfection has gained increasing acceptance as a final treatment step for many drinking water, wastewater, and reuse applications in the US over the last 20 years. However, as a technology it is vastly different from the chemical treatment it typically replaces and as such, more and more engineers are faced with the challenge of designing systems that meet their clients’ disinfection requirements. Aquionics has solutions for each of these applications available with the latest validations, lamp technologies and equipment configurations currently available.
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