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A leader for over 140 years
American Marsh
American-Marsh is a leading manufacturer of centrifugal & positive displacement pumps, electrical motors, mechanical seals and fire protection fittings, couplings and pumping equipment. American-Marsh is over 140 years old and is one of the oldest pump manufacturers in the world. Collectively the five divisions cover the Industrial, Municipal, Commercial, Irrigation and Fire Protection markets. American-Marsh Pumps focuses on the Industrial, Municipal, Commercial and Fire Protection markets worldwide. This division is a full featured pump product line with hydraulic coverage through 100,000 gallons per minute and heads through 2500 feet. American-Marsh Pumps encompasses the highest level of engineering and packaging available in the industry today.

Quality Control Specialists

-Inspections or tests have been established at appropriate points in the process to verify conformity.
-Final assembly inspection check lists are completed on each finished pump assembly.
-All inspection, measuring and test equipment that can affect product quality are to be identified, adjusted and calibrated at prescribed intervals.

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RAW MATERIALS: Once our materials have gone through our quality process they are taken to our warehouse to await the production process. Bronze, iron, and stainless steels are just some of the raw materials you will see being off loaded onto the docks.
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